As of 9/1/2023, fifteen chapters, formerly members of the ALS Association have legally separated from the organization. This includes New Mexico. To learn more, please visit our FAQ.

ALS Support New Mexico

Advocating for a cure and enhancing the lives of individuals with ALS to the fullest extent.

Uniting and Serving the ALS Community in New Mexico

All our efforts contribute to the pursuit of effective treatments, local support and cures for ALS.

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Raised for ALS Research since 2000


Our research program fuels global collaboration to expedite the discovery of treatments and a cure.

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People Served in 2023

Care Services

Our team of professional Care Managers provide expert advice and assistance for people living with ALS, free of charge.

Actions Taken


We focus on educating, advocating, and mobilizing all members of Congress in a bipartisan fashion to benefit people with ALS. 

Walk n' Wheel serves as the flagship fundraising event for ALS New Mexico. The funds raised through Walk n' Wheel to end ALS are instrumental in providing patient care and support, advocating for ALS, and supporting research initiatives.

Walk n' Wheel is not just about funds raised, it prides itself on the community it builds and the relationships it fosters.

Our Walk n' Wheel event welcomes everyone with open arms. We are honored to have individuals living with ALS, along with their families, friends, co-workers, and neighbors, participate in the event. Additionally, we are grateful for the families who continue to join us in the fight against ALS, even after losing a loved one to the disease.

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Join a Resource Group

The ALS Resource Group is about sharing both difficulties and successes, but most of all it is all about support. At most of our meetings we will have a professional presenting methods on how to deal with problems encountered with ALS and care giving.

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News & Stories


The ALS Association New Mexico Chapter is now ALS New Mexico.


ALS Association New Mexico Chapter raising awareness for disease

Stay up-to-date on ALS research, upcoming events, and how the ALS New Mexico is helping patients in your community.