ALS Walk in Albuquerque

Lace up your shoes or wheel your way forward and get ready to support ALS at ALS New Mexico’s Walk n’ Wheel to End ALS event! We’re making a difference in the lives of those affected by ALS at our upcoming 2024 walk and wheel event—a more inclusive way to fund research, support systems, and advocate for the ALS community. Make a direct impact on our local Albuquerque ALS community, and New Mexico as a whole when you sign up to walk, wheel, or cheer—join in on ALS New Mexico’s flagship event to help raise funds and awareness for ALS research.

Why an ALS Walk is Important for the ALS Community in New Mexico

ALS New Mexico is dedicated to providing direct assistance and advocacy for our ALS friends and neighbors, and our annual ALS Walk is another great way to get Albuquerque involved. The Walk n’ Wheel to End ALS walking and wheeling event is a great way to fundraise for ALS research initiatives, and help fund our local ALS programs. Through generous donations and funds raised by our ALS Walk, we can continue to provide essential services and patient care for people with ALS.

ALS Walks are more than a fun event that brings Albuquerque together, it’s a way to garner support and understanding of the struggles of living with ALS. No matter if you’re donating for personal reasons, are supporting a loved one, or are simply interested in learning more about the ALS community—the Walk n’ Wheel to End ALS event is a great way to get connected and begin advocating for a better tomorrow. As participants march and roll across the finish line—or cheer from the sidelines—they’re also providing lifesaving support and services to those who need it most.

How Your Involvement at the Albuquerque ALS Walk Helps the ALS Community

Wondering how getting involved at the Walk n’ Wheel to End ALS event helps to advocate for research initiatives and allows us to continue offering services for our ALS community? When you participate, you’re helping to make an impact by educating yourself, raising awareness, and providing vital fundraising for ALS services in the state. Funding collected by our Albuquerque ALS Walk helps us continue to provide our services including ALS resource groups, patient care and support, caregiver support, equipment loan, and more—free of cost. Not only that, but we also dedicate a portion of our time and services to advocating for and providing funding to further advance research and other medical treatment initiates for those living with ALS. Your support at our Albuquerque ALS Walk is a big way to help us continue actively fighting for our ALS community.

Inclusivity at Our Albuquerque ALS Walk

This year, we wanted to make our Albuquerque ALS Walk more inclusive by changing the way we word and understand an ALS Walk. We want to foster a more open, inclusive environment where everyone can feel comfortable and build genuine connections. By expanding on our definition of what an ALS Walk entails, we open opportunities for everyone in the ALS community to participate in this event. Inclusivity is at the core of our new and improved ALS Walk, providing a much-needed refresh to what it means to walk for ALS. So whether you’re walking, wheeling, or cheering, you have a place at our Albuquerque ALS Walk.

Register Today for the 2024 Albuquerque ALS Walk

Walk n’ Wheel to End ALS is an important annual event for Albuquerque and the ALS New Mexico community as a whole. Register today for a team, or donate directly to ALS New Mexico to help us in the fight for a cure. This year’s ALS Walk is better than ever, and we invite everyone, whether you’re a part of the community or not, to attend our walking and wheeling event!

Learn more about ALS New Mexico’s efforts to provide vital services to the ALS community, or learn more about our Albuquerque ALS Walk. We can’t wait to walk, wheel, and cheer beside you at this year’s Walk n’ Wheel to End ALS event!