Our Impact in 2023

With the help of our local ALS community, we provided life-changing care and support to ALS families all across the Land of Enchantment. 


People with ALS Served

Care Services Successes

As we look back on 2023, ALS New Mexico continued the hybrid programs and services that fit our patient community during the pandemic while also exploring opportunities to expand. Not only did our programmatic options increase, offering a rich and robust selection of educational workshops and support groups, but our team continued working around the clock through virtual platforms to keep the lines of communication open. We provided continuity of care to 113 people with ALS through ongoing virtual support, equipment training, multidisciplinary treatment options, and respite care grants.

Community Awareness

Our entire commitment revolves around furthering our mission to uncover effective treatments and, ultimately, eliminate ALS. This highlights the crucial role of supporting outstanding ALS research through funding. Our focus is on financing the most promising research initiatives and actively fostering innovative partnerships that span government, industry, academia, and other nonprofit organizations. Additionally, we dedicate resources to cultivating emerging talent, empowering young scientists to spearhead innovation.

Collaboration serves as the foundation of our research program. We collaborate with academia, industry, government, and other nonprofit organizations, taking the lead in fostering enduring partnerships among researchers across all sectors. This results in the global sharing of data, protocols, and research samples, accelerating progress in ALS research.


Hours of direct community impact


Pieces of Equipment Delivered

Equipment Loans

We collaborated with vendors to provide almost 100 units of Durable Medical and Assistive Communication Equipment.

ALS New Mexico is a strong supporter of the University of New Mexico Hospital's multidisciplinary ALS Clinic programs. Through our concerted efforts with clinic partners and dedicated Care Services staff, we strive to address the requirements of the entire ALS community.

Research Advancements

Our cooperative and worldwide strategy for financing research remains at the forefront, resulting in noteworthy findings by leading ALS scientists across the globe. Despite the ongoing pandemic, our endeavors did not diminish.

Since 2000 we have invested more than $600 thousand in ALS research. In funding both local and global research programs.


Invested in ALS Research


Will be invested over 5 years for ALS research

Advocacy Wins

Where Are Your Donations Going?

.82 Cents of Every Dollar Raised Goes to Our Programs


People attended 12 support groups


Active research projects worldwide


Patients received care and clinical management of ALS through one of our multidisciplinary center


Virtual home visits


in monetary grants to cover hours of in-home health care and additional expenses such as prescription co-pays, and more


Miles traveled to provide local and in-state care